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Most Unusual Listings on Rightmove This February

There’s often a few quirky and unusual properties knocking about on Rightmove, so we’ve decided to show you our pick of what’s on offer at the moment. From extra-safe toilets to homes with no neighbours for miles… which takes your fancy?

Extra-safe bathroom

old-bank-blog‘The Old Bank’ in Bristol was purchased last year and has been converted into rental apartments. Available now, the flats are built into the existing Victorian structure and retain some fantastic original features – such as a toilet in the old bank safe!

Or float the idea of this fort


As you walk down Cleethorpes seafront, you can watch the ferries pass through the estuary, weaving around the abandoned forts, originally used during the war – and now, it seems, you can buy your own. One heck of a renovation property, but the possibilities are endless!


Is it haunted?

haunted-blogDo you believe in ghosts? This little cottage is for sale, as a business venture, to give paranormal activity tours. Known as ‘The Cage’, this was a medieval prison up until 1908 and been used as a filming local for many ghostly TV shows…



Source: See more on the Rightmove blog