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End of tenancy

time to move out message illustration design over a white backgroundWhen you wish to vacate the property you must give one month’s notice in writing from your rent date as per your contract. This is to be received at our offices no later than two working days after the date of the notice. This can be posted to our office, or you can email us.

If, for whatever reason, you need to vacate the property during the initial term then we will endeavour to re-let the property, thereby releasing you from your ongoing liability. (Subject to finding a suitable tenant). There is an early release administration fee to offset some of our additional costs in this respect and your liability for the rent will end once we have confirmed a new tenant is found.

Keys must be returned to our offices on, or before, the day of vacating the property, together with a forwarding address. Failure to return keys will result in a continuing liability for rent.

An end of tenancy inspection will be carried out by your Property Manager and you will be notified of any faults. Please note that you will not be given the opportunity to return to the property so when you leave it should be left in the condition that you would expect if you were about to move in.

During the inspection electricity, gas and water meter readings will be taken and we will notify the service provider of the end of your tenancy and liability. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that these accounts are finalised and closed. We cannot accept any liability for ongoing charges if you have failed to contact them.